Handling the exit interview

Company policy particularly with large corporate employers is to ask you to attend an exit interview with Human Resources.

You will be told that everything you say is in complete confidence. If you have been unhappy with your employer or perhaps with your line manager you might feel that this is a good opportunity to tell it like you feel it is.

Our advice is to remember that it is your own reputation that is of most importance.Be balanced, measured and professional in any comments or suggestions you make .

Do not be tempted to use the exit interview as an opportunity to run down your line manager, even if you do not like them or their leadership style, for two reasons. Firstly if you had a substantive issue with your manager you should have raised it before and if an impasse was reached then it should have been presented to HR.

Secondly, despite what you have been told about confidentiality, in conducting an exit interview, HR are going to act on what they hear for the benefit of the company.

This is a small industry and things do get back to people. Do not make enemies unnecessarily. Leave with your head held high, occupying the high ground and being seen as the consummate professional that you are. 

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