Handling the exit interview

Company policy particularly with large corporate employers is to ask you to attend an exit interview with Human Resources.

You will be told that everything you say is in complete confidence. If you have been unhappy with your employer or perhaps with your line manager you might feel that this is a good opportunity to tell it like you feel it is.

Our advice is to remember that it is your own reputation that is of most importance.Be balanced, measured and professional in any comments or suggestions you make .

Do not be tempted to use the exit interview as an opportunity to run down your line manager, even if you do not like them or their leadership style, for two reasons. Firstly if you had a substantive issue with your manager you should have raised it before and if an impasse was reached then it should have been presented to HR.

Secondly, despite what you have been told about confidentiality, in conducting an exit interview, HR are going to act on what they hear for the benefit of the company.

This is a small industry and things do get back to people. Do not make enemies unnecessarily. Leave with your head held high, occupying the high ground and being seen as the consummate professional that you are.

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Sep 22 2023

Senior Underwriter – Asset Finance – North West – Hybrid ( 2 days in office 3 at home ) – salary range up to £60,000 plus excellent benefits

Sep 20 2023

Sales Manager – Hard Asset Finance – North West – Salary to £70,000 , + monthly paid personal commission and an overrider on teams performance – uncapped potential , realistic year 1 earnings £150,000 plus usual large company benefits.

Sep 18 2023

Sales Director – Rooftop Solar Financing – Flexible location – excellent salary & uncapped earnings plus typical large company benefits including a company car , generous pension etc.

Aug 23 2023

Sales Manager – Hard Asset Finance – Vendor & Direct – UK North of London or Midlands ideally located but flexible – up to £70,000 salary plus 30% OTE , quarterly paid, and with potential to earn up to 45% of salary. Plus company car or car allowance and excellent benefits.

Aug 10 2023

Business Development Manager – Asset Finance – Perth , Dundee etc North of Central belt Scotland – Salary range to £70,000 + 25% of gross profit plus excellent benefits . Uncapped earnings.

Aug 03 2023

Area Sales Manager – Professions Finance – North London, Northern Home Counties and East Anglia – competitive salary plus realistic on target earnings of £100,000 + with commission paid monthly and year end and with wholly uncapped earnings , plus company car and excellent benefits.

Aug 01 2023

Business Development Manager – Healthcare Finance – excellent + 30% bonus OTE , annually paid , plus company car plus excellent benefits including up to 10% company pension contribution , private healthcare and 26 days annual leave.

Aug 01 2023

Sales Manager – Industry Finance – excellent salary + 40% OTE bonus annually paid + company car and excellent benefits including up to 10% company pension contribution , private healthcare and 26 days annual leave.

Jul 03 2023

Business Development Directors – IT Finance – London / South East – Salary range £60,000 – £90,000 OTE at median salary of £80,000 will be £115,000 – £155,000 dependent on profitability and range of services sold – commission is paid monthly and is wholly uncapped.

Jun 21 2023

Senior Credit Underwriter – Asset Finance – Preferred salary range up to £65,000 + 10% bonus & excellent benefits – 4 days a week home working if required