Hi Sean,

Happy to give feedback for you (this is not just for the ( name of employer removed ) hire by the way).

Uniquely when compared against your competitors I think you bring several things to the table:

1/ The level of briefing and feedback that you provide prior to a meeting. When first presented with it many years ago, I thought you were a bit over the top, but I have never been caught out in an interview in terms of role, personalities or probable direction of interview – and I cannot say that for any of your competitors. People ignore your briefings at their peril.

2/ I love the level of communication that you provide and your desire to nail everything down. I suspect it may occasionally wind up the companies that you are recruiting for, but from my side of the fence I find it reassuring that someone cares about the detail and clarity of communication. As with 1above I have never not understood what the next step in the process is and that is down to clarity of communication.

3/ You also come across as caring that your candidate does well – even when in all probability you have put up more than one candidate.

Speaking with other people who have been placed by you, the above are fairly consistent themes and I do think it separates you (in my experience) from your competition.