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Preparing a CV one of the first things to understand is that potential employers use CV's to screen out unsuitable candidates as well as to shortlist those with potential.

Your CV must therefore demonstrate the value you have added to your current and previous employers , irrespective of your job function , and you must be seen to be a benefit rather than a cost to a future employer.

Here are some suggested do's and dont's to consider in preparing your CV :

  • Keep your CV to a maximum of 3 pages
  • Summarise firstly your key skills
  • Start with your current position
  • Summarise your responsibilities and importantly your achievements by job
  • Keep the tense consistent throughout
  • Include at the end your interests your private achievements , your education and recent ( 5 years ) job training


  • Include details of your education prior to senior schooling
  • Include reasons for leaving former employers, these can be discussed at interview
  • Prescribe what you want from a prospective employer
  • Include addresses of former employers and referees these can be provided later
  • Go into details of responsibilities for previous jobs that are more than 10 years old

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